The Würzburg-based band on the background of their new work: "With the creation of AI, we have opened Pandora's box. All the good and bad things that AI will bring, we can no longer stop, there is no turning back. 'Robots' is part of the upcoming new album 'Bullshit'. With this provocative title, we want to blatantly address the fact that we are confronted daily with fabricated narratives that serve us fairy tales or interest-driven untruths and half-truths. In doing so, the truth is neglected, and we ourselves are unfortunately often more inclined to believe in fantasy than to see reality soberly with all its shades and downsides. 'Robots' also addresses this issue. Are we truly using the newfound power responsibly? Or are we increasingly turning ourselves into machines and reducing humans to cogs in the wheel?"

"Robots" was written in early 2022, before the hype around ChatGPT, AI & Co., perhaps following a premonition of what was yet to come and where technology was heading. The single is not just a critique but also explores the question of what will happen if one day AI evolves to be possibly more human than humans themselves.

Humanity has always had a ambivalent relationship with progress, oscillating between fearful rejection and boundless optimism about the future. What's relatively new is that we succumb to fascination and almost entirely lose ourselves in the newly created, as we can observe in cases of smartphone addiction or dependence on video games. There's a high likelihood that we'll misuse new developments as well. There are already stories of lonely individuals using AI as a substitute for a romantic relationship. And if AI does indeed cross the threshold of singularity and surpass us in intelligence, perhaps even in emotionality, we may not be far from our own downfall.

"Bullshit" is the most ambitious project in the band's history so far, which has already toured with Uriah Heep and Spiritual Beggars, among others. WolveSpirit will lead us through new episodes of the album release and beyond, uncovering as much bullshit as they spread, encouraging everyone to keep their bullshit detectors always finely tuned. So, if anyone hears or reads something about WolveSpirit that seems very bullshit-worthy, it's certainly worth taking a second look.

"I’m more human than you’ll ever be"

Debbie Craft




Martin The Animal




Rio Wolfhart




Silly Lenzauer




Oliver Wolfhart 

Organ / Keys