Blowing Up

“Blowing up my mind”, Debbie our Singer came to say while Rio was playing an out of this world guitar riff. Allow yourself to fall in a torrent of groove and in an ocean of pure beeing. Let the bounderies of your mind be boardend.




The world consists out of our dreams we brought into reality. Lets weave together a dream of a better world. Lean back, enjoy the music and catch your dreams before they fly away.



From Venus I Came

Like the young Lawyer George in the film “Easy Rider” says: The Venus people are among us and they will initiate a cultural revolution. Think about it for a while. It could be more true than you think. This painting is about the people from Venus coming to earth to show us the way of rock music. Enjoy the farout vibe coming from the morning star.


Holy Butterfly

The holy butterflies appears as a herold to bring you the tidings of the other world. When you see one you can be sure that a dimensionportal is near.



New Generation

A fascinating detailed and rich painting. You always will find a new nuance by looking at it. What is the new generation? Strange and beautiful creatures are our invisible companions and live in our auras to work with us.

This is what your aura will look like in the new age of Wolvespirit.


Every now and then the inner Psycho erupts for the better or the worse. On this painting our friend, the wolf, really takes it to the edge and shoots green bursts of energy out of his mouth.


Who knows how ravens perceive the world? Maybe everything is silver and purple in their eyes and they can smell colors and hear the wind touching their feathers. Like Carlos Castaneda experienced while in the otherworld. Time to find out in this ballad of the ravens.

The Lone Raven

The Lone Raven travles beyond our known time and space. Only he sees what was and is yet to come. And because of this he is alone, ever soaring higher, but never too high.

The Wolfman In The Ocean Of Dreams

Slow and powerful this picture is pounding itself into our mind. That is so because out-of-space wolfmen are easygoing and can take their time. for if you travel with the speed of light, everything appears easy and slow. So relax, chill out and who knows: Maybe one day an alien may take you on a trip through the galaxy.   

Wolf Lady

She is the inner godess, who is about to awake in the heart of the human race. She will bring new zeitgeist to the world, giving birth to the start children of love. 

Woman From Venus

An iteration of the venus theme. This is by far the largest painting with 47,2 " by 31,5 " (120 x 80 cm)